14 oz. Vinyl


  • 14 oz. Tent top, 13 oz. white sidewall, heavy-duty bags for top & sidewall, galvanized steel center pole(s) & wall poles, ropes, stakes, instructions, fire marshal certificate & repair materials.
  • Aluminum center pole(s) for 50′ & wider tents; galvanized steel quarter poles for 60′ & wider tents.
  • Trucker’s ratchet included for 30’ square end tents & wider tents.

Superior materials are utilized throughout, notably for 18 oz premium round & oval tents. A specialized vinyl laminate, tailored to our specifications, enhances the tent’s quality. The fabric within the laminate, featuring polyester (Dacron) rip-stop cords every inch (9 each way), provides exceptional strength, surpassing industry standards.

The vinyl incorporates additional U.V. protection, including ample titanium dioxide, ensuring superior sun resistance and extended lifespan. Our colors, containing high-quality pigmentation, guarantee long-lasting vibrancy. The 14+ ounce per yard thick vinyl enhances sun and abrasion resistance, providing a stable surface for weather-proofing over every seam.

Abundant U.S.-manufactured polyester reinforces seat belts, thick (#207) thread, and the inner scrim of the vinyl. Polyester, being twice as strong as cotton, remains impervious to mildew and rot, offering stability in varying temperatures.

Steel-to-steel connections, including the twin bail-ring, are hot-dip galvanized for 30-year rust resistance.


The tent’s top and side-wall feature top-notch vinyl, domestic polyester, and galvanized steel hardware. This ensures the tent is not only scientifically and technologically robust but remains taut during rain and does not sag. The design includes a unique bail-ring for secure raising, hook and ring connectors for storm resilience, and triple-stitch seams with #207 polyester thread for exceptional strength.

Quarter-pole positions in larger tents are fortified with extra seat belts, kite-shaped vinyl, and three layers of the powerful vinyl laminate. Double belting in stress-prone areas adds strength, with two seat belts at edges, quarter-pole positions, and seams. The center-band of each middle boasts a special 3″ wide belt with an 18,000 lbs. breaking strength.

The deluxe sidewall is reinforced with a 2″ belt, stainless steel snap hooks, zinc grommets, and bi-fold corners for added strength. Continuous research and development ensure Miami Commercial Tent Company remains at the forefront of tent technology, employing two layers of vinyl permanently bonded to either side of a polyester fabric.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this detailed description!